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November 3, 2011

Botta Thinks This Is The Quiet Before the storm

Will be quiet for a while, Christian. CW will wait as offers now come to him. And there will be offers.

Here is to hoping that Nassau, Queens, Brooklyn, or Suffolk makes Wang the best offer.

Additional Reading:
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  1. Danbury Islanders fan,

    Again, I love the concept behind your blog, and I mean zero disrespect, but Islander fans would be doing themselves a huge favor by ignoring a lot of what Chris Botta has to say.

    IMO, the guy is a self-serving creep, who is always looking for what's good for Chris Botta, and not necessarily the New York Islanders. He always is angling and conceals A LOT of information he doesn't want the public to know and pretends to have an independent, non-symbiotic relationship with the team and its owner, when it's clearly not the case.

    I've seen other good writers say he's material from them, only to give credit low-key, post-mortem or not give credit at all to people in the media he perceives as lower on the totem pole. My own experiences with him suck - he is a shill and his words are less valuable than turds in my drink. Remember, this guy was in Marketing before his, a-hem, newfound calling as, cough-cough-cough, "journalist".

    Be free from demons like him. Ignore him, and you'll see clearer.

  2. Just presenting as many different people opinion's as possible and letting people decide what they think for themselves. I respect your opinion about Botta, but I have never had a dealing with him myself. I believe and hope my readers are smart enough to make their own opinions from the information I provide.