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November 2, 2011

Stan Fischler Believes The Isles Are Staying In Uniondale

I didn't see Stan Fischler make this comment during the Devils game, but saw it on islandermania. 

"No one wants to see the Isles leave Nassau. They won't be moving to Brooklyn, Queens or the racetrack."
Here are a few questions I have for Mr. Fischler after his comment:

1) Who is paying for the arena?

             A) We know the taxpayers won't after August 1st

              B) Charles Wang already stated he won't.

2) How is the arena going work with a zoning not large enough for investors to make a profit on it?

3) Why are you ruling out other possible local locations?

4) Do you actually know something or just stating your opinion Stan?

In my opinion this statement is just the opinion of Stan Fischler and he doesn't know anymore than any of us about the arena issue.

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