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November 24, 2011

What Islander Fans Have To Be Thankful For

I know that things look bleak for Islander Country on and off the ice, but considering what today is we should try to look at the positive.  Give me a second I'm  thinking, lol.  Well many Islander fans are starting to believe that we are starting the process of leaving New York, which is very possible, but I don't think is the case.  Let me explain why I think so.  When Bettman was under oath during the Coyotes bankruptcy case he explained that the league exhaust all options before letting a team leave a market.  If that is truly the case then the Islanders have a safety net in the Barclays Center. With a state of an art arena in the Islanders territory thanks to the 1986 amendment made to the territorial rights between the Rangers that allow us to play in Brooklyn, Queens, Suffolk, and Nassau.  Another reason why Brooklyn can be consider a safety net is that the owners of the arena want the Islanders because they need to fill dates, which makes it possible for Wang to get a good deal.  What if Wang has given up and wants to sell?  The need of the Barclays Center needing to fill their dates our real, so Ratner or Prokhorov will have interest in buying the team (no matter what they say publicly).  So in short we should be thankfully that we have a safety net that can prevent the relocation of our franchise out of New York.     

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