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November 11, 2011

Nassau Hub Left Out

The Long Island Economic Council created by Governor Cuomo has submitted 13 plans for the state to review for state aid.  However, the Nassau Hub was not one of the plans chosen to be looked at by the state.  The reason the council gave for the snub was that the plan wasn't developed enough to be presented.  This is another failure by Ed Mangano.  His first failure was presenting the referendum for a new arena without having all the details in place, and he made the same mistake again by not having a completed plan of the hub to give to the state.  The fact that the hub will not be able to get state money is a serious blow to the Islanders chances of staying where they are.  This forces us as fans to look at the other options we have at this moment:

1) Belmont:
The Belmont Entertainment Center Plan was selected to be presented.  It is possible for the Coliseum to go there if all parties are interested.

Several plans were selected to be consider for state aid in Suffolk County.  The most likely plan that could support a hockey arena and be beneficial for the Isles is the Heartland Project.

3) Brooklyn
No matter how you personally feel about this idea they have an arena and they want us.

4) Queens
Willets Point wants us, but is Wang interested.

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