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November 7, 2011

Is Brooklyn Our Only Real Option?

Of course Nassau and Suffolk counties say they want the Islanders, but are they willing to put their money where their mouths are.  We already know after the August 1st vote that public money is not an option for Nassau politicians unless they don't care about getting reelected. With the financial issues Suffolk county are facing where they can become bankrupt by the middle of 2012 the use of public money by them isn't likely either.  We know as of now Nassau is looking for a private developer to build them a new arena, but if Wang doesn't want to build it himself because the zoning cannot financially support it, why would anyone else want to take on the project.

All of these facts during this tough economic time makes Brooklyn look like the last hope for the Islanders staying in New York.  We already know Marty Markowitz has talked to Charles Wang trying to convince him to bring the Islanders to Kings County.  We also know that Bruce Ratner and Brett Yorkman met with the NHL to talk about the arena.  Brooklyn is willing and able to support the Islanders, so if Gary Bettman testimony during the Coyotes bankruptcy case was true the Isles should never relocate off the island. However, with each passing day without new news Brooklyn looks less and less like a safety net and more like the Islanders only option.

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