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November 24, 2011

Update on Potential Future Owners

Two of the possible future owners that I mentioned in my post last month had made some news.

Mike Repole:
Is a 100% sure he will own a sports team in the future

Nelson Peltz:
Interested in the New Jersey Devils

Original Post:

What Islander Fans Have To Be Thankful For

I know that things look bleak for Islander Country on and off the ice, but considering what today is we should try to look at the positive.  Give me a second I'm  thinking, lol.  Well many Islander fans are starting to believe that we are starting the process of leaving New York, which is very possible, but I don't think is the case.  Let me explain why I think so.  When Bettman was under oath during the Coyotes bankruptcy case he explained that the league exhaust all options before letting a team leave a market.  If that is truly the case then the Islanders have a safety net in the Barclays Center. With a state of an art arena in the Islanders territory thanks to the 1986 amendment made to the territorial rights between the Rangers that allow us to play in Brooklyn, Queens, Suffolk, and Nassau.  Another reason why Brooklyn can be consider a safety net is that the owners of the arena want the Islanders because they need to fill dates, which makes it possible for Wang to get a good deal.  What if Wang has given up and wants to sell?  The need of the Barclays Center needing to fill their dates our real, so Ratner or Prokhorov will have interest in buying the team (no matter what they say publicly).  So in short we should be thankfully that we have a safety net that can prevent the relocation of our franchise out of New York.     

November 20, 2011

NESN Broadcast Crew Says Long Island Isn't A Hockey Market

After reading  Lighthouse hockey's recap of last night's debacle I found out that the Bruins Broadcast crew add one more insult for Islander fans.
  One last note:  To the always professional broadcast team at NESN, who stated to the country that the Islanders should be moved from the New York area, that Long Island isn't a hockey town, and that the Isles probably only have two fans watching- Stop by this site sometime and say hello.  I'm sure the TWO fans the Islanders have, that stop by here daily to discuss their favorite team, have a thing or two they'd like to discuss with you.  Keep it classy, Boston.

Long Island is a hockey market.  Tell me another fan base that has withstood the torment Islander fans have.  We have stood by our team after eighteen seasons without a playoff series win, an owner who was a fraud, owners who destroyed the talent base once they couldn't get an arena, Mike Milbury and his terrible trades, and much more.  Islander fans are waiting for a reason to embrace this team again and sadly it doesn't look like it will happen this season.  Enjoy your fair weather fans Bruins, because once you start losing again your arena will be empty like it was during your last down turn.  Next time Boston is in town let's show NESN and Boston what type of hockey market Long Island really is.   

November 19, 2011

Bruins Broadcast Crew Talks About The Islanders Arena Situation
In this video the Bruins broadcast crew questions Long Island as a hockey market, but comes to the conclusion that the Islanders will not leave the New York Market. Take a listen for yourself.

November 18, 2011

Been There And Done That

Before the August 1st referendum the belief was that the Shinnecock building there casino at the Nassau Hub was going be the county's plan to save the Islanders.  However, a negative response from the communities and local colleges around the Hub nixed that idea before it got off the ground.  Someone needs to remind the Mayor of Floral Park Thomas Tweedy that, because he is suggesting this idea again.  He wants the Shinnecock to build a state of an art arena through their gaming recites and Wang would kick in the 14 million annually he promised during the referendum.  Why is he proposing this plan?  Simple he doesn't want the casino and hockey arena neighboring his town of Floral Park by having them at the Belmont Racetrack in Elemont.  It is ridiculous to even suggest this idea after the reception it got the first time it was suggested.  If the Islanders and Shinnecok were to partner up to build an arena and casino resort Belmont is the perfect location.  It is easily accessible by car or public transportation, it has the land and space for both on the property, and he would save the historic Belmont Raceway.  Plus all these elements are needed bu both the Islanders and the tribe.  The Islanders need the additional development to provide them with additional revenue stream for financial stability.  While the Shinnecock need the additional development like the arena and raceway to be competitive with other local casinos if the state ever legalizes gambling.  What other resort would be able to offer concerts, family shows, professional hockey, horse racing, table games, electronic gambling, and a 5 star resort all in one location.  This could be a very profitable project for the Shinnecock, the Islanders, and Nassau County.  Sorry Teddy, but this project belongs at Belmont not at the Nassau Hub. 

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November 16, 2011

Add Hartford to the list of Citiies that want the Islanders.

Howard Bladwin the CEO of the Connecticut Whale has just proposed a plan to renovate the XL Center in down town Hartford.  The plan asks for 105 million dollars of public money to renovate the arena and add a mall next to it.  If Hartford moves forward with this plan their goal is to bring the NHL back and add the city to the long list of place that would love to land the Islanders.  In my mind and heart I believe the Islanders would move to Brooklyn before relocating to a new market like Hartford, Quebec, Seattle, Kansas City, or any other city interested in the team.  Plus it would be hard for a team in Connecticut to develop a fan base, since a large portion of the states hockey fans are loyal to either the Bruins or Rangers.  In addition, a Hartford organization would have to pay a territorial fee to both the Rangers and Bruins and pay to get TV rights in both market.  Hopefully, one day the Whaler fans get there team back, but I don't think they will land the Islanders, because of Brooklyn and the hurdles the market faces . 

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November 15, 2011

Waiting Is The Hardest Part

Even though the end of this arena saga is nearing an end, Islander fans still have no clue what the end result will be.  The constant worry in the back of all die hard fans minds that the team might relocated gnaws at them more and more each day.  Bettman has stated many times that the Islanders will not play at the Coliseum one second longer than they have to, unless Nassau has an agreement finalize.  The likelihood of a deal happening with Nassau looks more and more far fetch each day    The longer this process goes with no new news the the likelihood of Brooklyn becoming the Islanders home grows in my mind.  Unless Wang is in serious negotiation with someone at this moment and able to finish the deal soon Brooklyn might be the only hope.

November 13, 2011

Isles Fans Need To Stay United

Islander fans are a passionate bunch and are also very opinionated.  None of these characteristics change when it comes to the issue of getting a new arena.  Many people believe that they know what is best location for the Islanders new arena.  One thing we cannot forget is that we need to be united.  It doesn't matter if you think Suffolk, Nassau, Queens, or Brooklyn is the best option for the team, because we all want the same thing, to keep our team.  No matter where we end up in the four local options we need to stay united as Islander fans.  Hopefully someday soon a resolution will be found and we can put an end to all this debating and just worry about hockey.

November 11, 2011

Nassau Hub Left Out

The Long Island Economic Council created by Governor Cuomo has submitted 13 plans for the state to review for state aid.  However, the Nassau Hub was not one of the plans chosen to be looked at by the state.  The reason the council gave for the snub was that the plan wasn't developed enough to be presented.  This is another failure by Ed Mangano.  His first failure was presenting the referendum for a new arena without having all the details in place, and he made the same mistake again by not having a completed plan of the hub to give to the state.  The fact that the hub will not be able to get state money is a serious blow to the Islanders chances of staying where they are.  This forces us as fans to look at the other options we have at this moment:

1) Belmont:
The Belmont Entertainment Center Plan was selected to be presented.  It is possible for the Coliseum to go there if all parties are interested.

Several plans were selected to be consider for state aid in Suffolk County.  The most likely plan that could support a hockey arena and be beneficial for the Isles is the Heartland Project.

3) Brooklyn
No matter how you personally feel about this idea they have an arena and they want us.

4) Queens
Willets Point wants us, but is Wang interested.

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November 10, 2011

Stan's interview with Bettman finally aired

  Bettman finally made comments on the possibility of the Islanders moving to Brooklyn and he said that thinking of Brooklyn as an option is premature.  One of his worries is whether or not the location would work for the core of the fan base, because of the difficult drive.  My response  to that is that it works better than Quebec and Kansas City for me, so yeah I am fine with Brooklyn.  What are your opinions about Brooklyn as an option?