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October 17, 2011

Possible Local Buyers

Just a few years ago Wang said on WFAN that he wouldn't have bought the team if he knew then what he knows now.  In case Wang does give up hope of ever finding a new home for the Isles I have put together a list of local buyers who might be interested.

1) Nelson Peltz:
It was reported in 2010 Brooklyn-born Nelson Peltz was interested in buying the Islanders and moving them to the Barclays Center.  If the league or Wang is ever looking for a local buyer do not be surprise if you here his name come up.

Arena Location: Brooklyn

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2) The Wilpons:
Like Peltz the Wilpons showed interest in purchasing the Islanders in 2010.  Their plan was to either convince Wang to move the team to Queens or buy the Isles themselves and put them in a new arena next to Citi Field.

Arena Location: Queens

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Mike Repole:
In 2011 on WFAN the founder of vitamin said that he would love to love a local team and the Islanders were one of the teams he mentioned.

Arena Location: New York (Most likely Queens/Brooklyn)

Additional Reading:!/2011/06/mike-repole-would-like-to-own-team.html

Bruce Ratner/Mikhail Prokhorov
Its no secret that the Barclays Center is having a hard time meeting their projections for dates and revenues.  Therefore, if the Islanders became available it would make sense for someone related to the Barclays Center to make a bid, since the Isles would solve both issues.

Arena Locations: Brooklyn

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