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October 11, 2011

Nassau Better put all their Chips on Belmont

If Nassau county wants to keep the Islanders the only option they have left is moving the team to Belmont Park.  The Nassau Hub is no longer an option for the team for two reasons.

1) The Zoning:
The zoning Kate Muarry created for the site in 2009 just isn't large enough to support an arena economically.  The town of Hempstead has been and is unwilling to let Wang build an development large enough to support the Islanders.
2) August 1st:
The results from the election made it clear to the local politician and the Islanders that using public money for an arena is not an option at.  With the lack of public aid it does not make sense for Wang to build a stand alone arena of the site.  If he went in that the direction he will be back in the same financial situation he is today.

However, it seems like Nassau hasn't given up on keeping the Islanders.  Their newest plan is to build an entertainment center around the Belmont racetrack.  The development will have a casino, arena, hotels, shops, and restaurants.  This plan has the potential to be a win win for everyone involved.

1) Islanders
This plan allows the Islanders to stay in Nassau where they have been for the past 40 seasons.  it also offers something the Islanders have never had in that time public transportation to the arena.  The location and development also offer Wang many great opportunities to make money, and try to recover some of his 234 million dollars he has lost since owning the team.

2) Shinnecock get a great location that can attract tourist from New York City as well as residents from around the tri-state area.  Also by having the Islanders on their site it gives them an advantage over other local casinos.  What other casino could offer NHL hockey and a state of an art venue that holds 20,000 people for concerts, family shows, and so on.

3) Nassau/ New York State:
They would get a ton of money from the Shinnecock and the arena as well.

Having a world class casino and arena will save the struggling race track and keep a great piece of American history alive.

This plan makes so much sense and will benefit everyone involved.  Let's just hope Nassau politicians don't prevent this from happen like they have with every other innovated idea presented to them.


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