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October 16, 2011

From Your Rants ESPN's Cross Check Blog
dannyformo: The ice is absolutely TERRIBLE at the Coliseum. Over two games so far, both Islanders games amassed one of the lowest total shots and goals. The puck cannot settle and is bouncing on medium to long passes. I feel bad for the visiting team more than i do watching the Islanders not be able to work (and it's not just the ice that is melting their offense).
LeBrun: Yet another reason to blow this building up and build a new one! Enough is enough; the building is porous and Islanders fans deserve better. The actual team on the ice is improving; I love the young pieces the Isles have in place. But as long as the rink issue is not resolved, there will be a black cloud hanging over this franchise.

In my opinion the only thing the Nassau Coliseum has in the positive column is its sight-lines.  No other arena in the league can offer the view of the ice the old barn does.  Other than that the arena and the uncertainty of the team's futures is a dark cloud as Lebrun suggests.  Hopefully in the near future this will be a mute point because the Islanders will have a new home in New York.

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