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October 14, 2011

Is Anyone Out There?

Its no secret that the Islanders  have had attendance issues,since the end of the lockout.  In four of the five past seasons the Islanders have finished dead last in league attendance, and last night's game just drew over 9,000.  We all hope a quick start and a promising future will turn this issue around soon.  However the question has to be asked. How do these numbers effect the Islanders quest for a new home?  Does it make other local counties question the economic impact the team can have on their economy?  Does it allow Nassau politician to over look the team, because they know there aren't enough passionate fans to vote them out? Does it make us look crazy about only having a 14,500 seat arena, since we have only averaged between 11,000 and 12,000 fans at games over the last several seasons. I know that Islander fans are passionate and intelligent, because of my increased activity with them through social media.  I even think there are enough of us to save the team, but the past twenty years have turned many away from attending, but the team needs you more now than ever.  If the Islanders are to be saved the coliseum needs to packed and rocking to show the league and local politicans we care.  United we can keep our Islanders on Long Island!

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