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October 11, 2011

Can an Old Backup Plan be Renewed

In 2006 Charles Wang and Steve Levy agreed on a memorandum to bring the team to Suffolk County if Wang's RFP wasn't picked for the Nassau Hub.  The two side came to agreement in principle to have the Islanders move a little further east on the Island.  The rumored site was Brentwood New York and that piece of land they were talking about in 2006 is still undeveloped.  The question is can Wang and Levy pickup where they left off 5 years ago and get a deal done before Levy leaves office.  Suffolk is an attractive option because it keeps the team on Long Island proper.  The site that was in discussion even offers public transportation.  However, the idea Suffolk brings up many questions .  Is it too cut off from the rest of New York to get fans from off the Island to go to games?  Will it be any easier for Wang to get approval in Suffolk than it has been in Nassau?  Will Wang be able to get enough corperate support moving further away from the city.  It seems like these issues did not concerned Wang in 2006, but do they today?

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