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October 18, 2011

Wang Wants A Guarantee!

With Nassau unable to find a private developer to build them an arena, Wang's unwillingness to talk to Queens, and nothing coming from Suffolk, is Brooklyn the only real option left in New York. Since the August 1st election Wang has said that he will consider all options that are assured to happen.  After going through the Lighthouse process and the failure of the referendum he is done in dealing with maybes.  If that is truly the case the only location that can promise Wang a new arena is Brooklyn.  The question is after the pain of another failure dissipates is Wang willingness to try again grow?  If it does then Queens, Nassau, Suffolk, and Brooklyn are all in play, but if it doesn't Brooklyn is our last hope.
 check the 7:30 mark for comments about options he will consider.  Sorry about the link but the Isles site doesn't seem to want to link the video I want. Go to the Streit press conference (being named captain) and then go to the 7:30 mark.

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