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October 17, 2011

Are The Quiet Counties The Ones Making The Most Progress?

For over two years Wang has put all arena news in a media blackout.  This makes me wonder if Brooklyn and Nassau, the two counties we hear the most noise from, really are the ones with the best shot of landing the Islanders. 

We know that Wang had a meeting with Suffolk County after labor day, and we haven't heard a peep from either side about it.  Is that a good sign?  Are the two actually working on an agreement and don't want to make it public until things are final?  My guess is that the two sides are talking, and Wang is waiting to see what happens with the state aid that's suppose to be given out in December.

How about Queens?  We know that Wang hasn't talked to the political officals there.  Could he be talking to one of the potential developers of the Willets Point site though?  He could be making sure the people that he wants to align himself with wins the bid.

Just because Suffolk and Queens haven't been as vocal as Brooklyn and Nassau they cannot be ruled out as the future home of the Islanders.

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