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October 11, 2011

What if the Island Finally Sinks?

What happens if the Islanders can't get an arena on Long Island?  There are several markets that would love to add NHL hockey to their sports scene.  In this post I will review  the possible locations outside of New York that could land the Islanders.

1) Quebec:
Ever since Winnipeg has come back into the league this has become the trendy and sexy pick for the next city to get a team.  The fact that funding for a new arena has been worked out already doesn't hurt that opinion either.  If you want to hear something really scary they plan to have their new arena built 2015.  When does our lease end again? Oh yeah 2015!  Make no mistake about Quebec is pushing hard for a team and they have their eyes on the Islanders.  They came to Long Island last year and now they are invading Boston this year to see the Islanders again.

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2) Kansas City:
Since the death of the Lighthouse project, Kansas City has been chanted at Islander fans.  We have given KC little thought, since their poor preseason showing a few seasons ago, but KC just doesn't seem to go away.  I guess selling out a preseason game this year has brought life back to this option, but can they really support a team for 41 home games?

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The home of the first American city to win the Stanley Cup wants hockey back.  Ever since local politicians realize how much revenue the city lost with the relocation of the Sonics they have been trying to get a NBA or NHL team.  They even have a plan to fund a new arena if they can find a team willing to move their.

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