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October 15, 2011

Could A New Arena Change The Battle For New York!?

What impact could a new arena have of the Islanders Rangers rivalry?  In this post I will examine how I think each possible location could effect one of the greatest rivalries in all of sports.

 Out of State:
If the Islanders were to ever leave New York the rivalry between them and the Rangers would be done.

If the Islanders were to stay in Nassau County either at the Hub or Belmont this rivalry would remain unchanged.  It will still be the suburbs vs. the City, the little guys vs. the big guys.   The meaning of the game and the fans of the game would be untouched.

In my mind if the Isles were to ever move to Suffolk County it would have little to no impact of the rivalry with the Rags.  It would still be Long Island vs. New York City and all of the other things I mentioned in the Nassau section.

For better or worse in my mind a move to Brooklyn would change this series.  It would become Brooklyn vs. Manhattan instead of Long Island vs. New York City.  In addition, it will also become the Barclays Center vs. Madison Square Garden.  The us against the big bad guys from the city would be lost forever and replaced with blue collar Brooklyn vs, white collar Manhattan.  Like I mention at the beginning of this section a move to Brooklyn will for better or worse change this rivalry forever.

While a move to Queens will impact on this game it will be far less than Brooklyn.  It will still change the series to New York City vs. New York City and lose that little guy vs. the big bad city.

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