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October 15, 2011

Nassau's Plan Z

Here we go again!  This is plan Z to keep the Islanders in Nassau County.  In this plan the Islanders could stay at the Hub in the northern end. While the rest of the land will be used for Biosciece research facilties tied to the local colleges, or if there isn't enough room for us there we can be moved to Belmont.  I would like Ed Mangano to pick one site for us, either the Hub or Belmont and make a strong push, instead of of we can be here or there.

What's in the new plan:
Among the proposals in the "Accelerate Nassau Now" plan released Friday are:

A 50-acre Bioscience Innovation Facility -- a research and development park.

A new Nassau Coliseum at the northern edge of the Hub site.

A 6,000-car, $150 million parking garage at the site.

New sports and entertainment options at Belmont Park , including a potential soccer stadium.

Expanding homeland security research facilities and film and television studios at the Grumman property in Bethpage .

A $7 million state-funded research and development exposition center at Mitchel Field.

A minor league baseball park and track and field facility at Mitchell Field.

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