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February 20, 2013

A Thought on the latest Wang News


A lot of Islander fans are excited with the news that Wang has contacted the Rhine Group about selling the Islanders.  However, in my mind if Wang will remain the Islanders majority owner for a long time to the dismay of many.  I believe that it is more likely that Wang is interested in gaining minority partners to add new capital to the team.  This capital would help the organization in many ways, but I believe its main purpose would be to buyout the coliseum lease early.  This would allow for Wang and his partners to benefit form the projected increase revenue Brooklyn offers now.  The only way I see Wang selling the Islanders outright is if someone is will to cover the loses he has suffered while owning the team.  Unless that happens I can't see Wang turning his back on the opportunity to make back some of his money with the new stabilize foundation he created for the team in Brooklyn.   

February 16, 2013

Wang Might Sell???

The New York Post is reporting that Charles Wang might be taking the first steps in selling the Islanders.

Apparently the move to Brooklyn and the Barcalys Center have made the Islanders more attractive and possible for Wang to reach his dream price of 300 million for the team.  I caution fans not to get excited since this is in the early stages and may turn into nothing.

The Isles Need to Start Winning Again!

If the Islanders want to take advantage of their move to Brooklyn like the Nets have done, they need to start winning.  Yes, Brooklyn offers many advantages that Nassau couldn't: like mass transportation, better media exposure, more corporate support, and many other things.  However, none of these advantages will matter unless the Islanders put their focus back on to the on ice product.  Charles Wang is going have to spend money in order to make money at the Barclays Center, since by the time the Isles move there the luster of the new arena, and the new arena smell will be gone.  He did spend money when he first bought the team on players like Alexi Yashin, Chris Osgood, and Michale Peaca, but stopped when he realized their was no finical stability coming anytime soon from Nassau County.  Now that he has that in Brooklyn he needs to spend again, and make winning his number one concern, and in the end he will be rewarded for it.