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October 13, 2011

Would Islander Fans Use Public Transpotation?

Over the past 40 years Islander fans have been slaves to their cars.  The Nassau Coliseum doesn't provide the option for fans, but if the new arena did would they use it?  In my opinion it depends on the location of the new arena.

1) Nassau: 
If the teams end up staying in Nassau at either Belmont or the Hub I don't think fans will flock to public transportation.  let's face it Long Islanders love their cars and have panic attacks if they go somewhere with out them.  Another factor is going be the availability of it.  If the team some how stay at their current location public transportation will not be an option.  Residents from the surrounding communities such as Garden City will fight it tooth and nail.  If the teams goes to Belmont Racetrack it will be an option, but I can't see many fans using it.

2) Suffolk:
Even if an arena in Suffolk County had public transportation I can't see it being in high demand.  Like their Nassau counterparts the people of Suffolk are addicted to the automobile.  Even for fans off the Island public transportation may not be a realistic option.  It would depend on how far out in Suffolk the team moved out and if they would have express service for the games.

3) Brooklyn:
Public transportation would be a must if the Islanders moved to Kings County.  Considering the amount of traffic and the limited parking the Barclays Center will offer most fans will have to take the train to games.  Luckily 11 of the 12 LIRR lines go to the Atlantic Yard Terminal, but you have to make the connection from the Jamica Station.  For Islanders fans off the Island their are several subway options they can take once they are in the city.  This senerio may cause the Islanders to lose fans working on the Island on weeknights, but they can makeup with fans from Long Island who work in the city.  They would be able to take the subway to the game and the train back home.

4) Queens
Luxury that would be used similary to the way Mets fan use it,  The majority of people would drive most nights, but people will have the option to use mass transit.

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