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October 10, 2011

What are our Options?

Since the referendum to build a new arena for the New York Islanders was defeated on August 1st, the question Islanders fans have been asking themselves is what our are options now to stay in New York.  At this point there seem to be three options for keeping the Islanders somewhere on Long Island.  I will list those options and give each locations positives and negatives.

1) Nassau County

Nassau County still has a horse in the race to keep the Islanders.  The county has finally realize that Kate Muarry's zoning (the supervisor of the town of Hempstead) will not support a new arena.  Therefore, Ed Mangano and company has decided that Belmont may be the best option to keeping Long Islander Proper's only sports team.

1) Keeps the Islanders in Nassau County
2)The plan  of an entertainment center with an arena, race track, and casion makes sense and  money.
3) It has support from both Republican and Democrats, but of course not everyone is in love with the plan.

1) There are many hurdles for this plan to get off the ground.  Like the Shinnecock getting state and federal permission to build a casion off of the tribes land
2) Funding
3) Locals are already complaining about possible impact this project will have on traffic.

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The New York Islanders could end up landing in Brooklyn New York.  Several media outlets have reported meeting between Bruce Ratner (owner of the Barclays Center) and the NHL.  There was also a reports by Netsdaily of studies being done to see how hockey will work in the arena and of Wang being aware of how hockey will work there.

1) Keeps Islanders in New York and technically on Long Island
2) Its already being built
3) Has additional Development that Wang can join
4) Extends the Islander brand into new markets

1) Capacity: Its reported the arena will only be able to hold 14,500 for hockey
2) Sight lines:  With the arena being built for basketball the view of the ice is in question

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Suffolk County
We know that Wang and Suffolk County have been talking since the August 1st let down, but beyond that we have no clue.  There isn't enough information for a plus/minus, but whatever keeps the Isles in NY is fine by me.

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