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October 13, 2011

Let's Talk About Hockey Layouts!

The above picture is the layout of the Conseco Fieldhouse, which the interior of the Barcalys Center was designed to emulate.  As you can see that one end of the arena has horrible sight lines, that the Blades don't even sell tickets for when they play there.  Does this mean the Barclays Center is going have the same issues with their hockey layout?  I can't give you a truthful answer at this point, since they haven't released their layout, but they say they can host NHL hockey.  As reported by Netsdaily before the Barclays Center made their statement of being able to host NHL hockey they conducted a study on the topic.  The results of the study were never released, but I am assuming that they have found a solution to this problem, if their claims of being able to house the Islanders are true.
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