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November 2, 2011

Is a 14,500 Seat Arena Really Too Small For The Islanders?

One of the biggest complaints about the Barclays Center is the capacity it has for hockey.  It has been speculated that the Barclays Center will be able to hold 14,500 fans, but is that really too small for the Islanders?  In fact up to this point of the regular season all three local teams attendances are under that number.  The Devils lead the local teams with a home attendance of 14,074 per home game, the Rangers are averaging 12,133 per home game, and the Islanders are averaging 12,654 per home game.  At this point of the season it is unfair to make a definitive statement and that is why I will keep track of all three local teams home attendence throughout the season (Each team attendence figures will be updated after their 10th, 20th, 30th, and 41st home game). This should give us a better understanding if a 14,500 seat arena in this market could work.  It is also important to note that since the lockout the Islanders have average barley  above 11,000 fans per home game.
Additional Reading:

Well the Rangers attendence Figures have been updated from last night and they are averaging now 18,084 per home game.

Ten Game Update:
The Islanders are the first of the three local teams to reach the ten game mark.  During this ten game span the Isles averaged 12,705 fans, which the Barclays Center is physically able to hold.  So far it doesn't seem like the small capacity of the arena is going to be an issue, but whether or not it will be a profitable situation for the team. 

The Devils have just reached the 10 game mark after today's game against the Islanders.  Their average attendance during the first 10 games is 14,416, which would also work in the Barclays Center.  This has to make one wonder if a smaller arena would of prevented/helped with the Devils current financial problems.

Rangers 10 games 18,165.

10 Games totals
Islanders 12,705
Rangers 18,165
Devils 14,416

20 games:
Islanders: 12,784

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