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November 18, 2011

Been There And Done That

Before the August 1st referendum the belief was that the Shinnecock building there casino at the Nassau Hub was going be the county's plan to save the Islanders.  However, a negative response from the communities and local colleges around the Hub nixed that idea before it got off the ground.  Someone needs to remind the Mayor of Floral Park Thomas Tweedy that, because he is suggesting this idea again.  He wants the Shinnecock to build a state of an art arena through their gaming recites and Wang would kick in the 14 million annually he promised during the referendum.  Why is he proposing this plan?  Simple he doesn't want the casino and hockey arena neighboring his town of Floral Park by having them at the Belmont Racetrack in Elemont.  It is ridiculous to even suggest this idea after the reception it got the first time it was suggested.  If the Islanders and Shinnecok were to partner up to build an arena and casino resort Belmont is the perfect location.  It is easily accessible by car or public transportation, it has the land and space for both on the property, and he would save the historic Belmont Raceway.  Plus all these elements are needed bu both the Islanders and the tribe.  The Islanders need the additional development to provide them with additional revenue stream for financial stability.  While the Shinnecock need the additional development like the arena and raceway to be competitive with other local casinos if the state ever legalizes gambling.  What other resort would be able to offer concerts, family shows, professional hockey, horse racing, table games, electronic gambling, and a 5 star resort all in one location.  This could be a very profitable project for the Shinnecock, the Islanders, and Nassau County.  Sorry Teddy, but this project belongs at Belmont not at the Nassau Hub. 

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