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November 10, 2011

Final Long Island Economic Council Meeting

The economic Council put together to present job creating plans to Albany on the behalf of Long Island help there final meeting today.  The meeting took place between 2pm and 4pm and was open to the public.  The question is how do the Islanders play in the future plans of Long Island.  Are they viewed as a vital part of the local economy and the loss of them would severally impact the island's economy?  Or are they viewed as a trivial entertainment and if they leave the island can replace that revenue with other entertainment options?  For the sake of the Islanders and their fans hopefully they feel like the first statement.  In my mind Long Island should feel that way.  Just look how the loss of the Sonics effected Seattle's local economy and how hard they are trying to get an NHL or NBA team to replace them.  We should find out a lot more next month how important Long Island and New York State view the Islanders as part of their economic plan.

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