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October 25, 2011

Is Wang Still Waiting On Nassau?

A day after Gary Bettman's interview, a question arose, is Wang still waiting on Nassau?  Bettman said that the Islanders need a plan that is a guarantee to happen, but that Islanders fan shouldn't worry because there is still time. Sorry Gary but I am worried!  With time running out on the coliseum lease the team needs to be proactive.  Wang can no longer wait on Nassau County to get their act together and come up with a solution.  All local options need and should be examined seriously right now.  Gary said that the Islander haven't gotten to the point of considering Queen.  If the time isn't now to look at options outside of Nassau when will it be.  Wang has options:  he has Willets Point development, the Barclays Center/Atlantic Yard development, and Suffolk.  He needs to see what these options can offer him and the Islanders.  Wang can still get his new arena and additional development it just might not be in Nassau.


  1. Steve (Gear316): I think Gary said the point of compensating Rangers if the Isles moving into Queens hasn't happened yet. But given that the Isles could move into Queens as of now, why would the Isles need to get Ranger's consent?

  2. If you look at my post about Bettman's interview I posted an article that shows he was wrong. Its under the additional reading. The article states that the Islanders made an agreement with the Rangers in 1986 that allows them to move to Queens or Brooklyn.