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February 13, 2012

Is Nassau Ready To Move On From The Islanders

 According to BD Gallof several developers are preparing plans for the Nassau Hub without the Islanders/Coliseum included in them. 
 CBS 2 has learned several developers are drafting proposals that imagine Long Island’s future without the Islanders.
Hockey fans in Nassau don’t like the idea of their island without the Islanders, which at one time was the greatest U.S.-based franchise in the National Hockey League and has been a source of suburban pride since 1972.
“Moving them is a big mistake,” one Long Islander told CBS 2’s Carolyn Gusoff.
“I would be very upset if they left. I hope they don’t,” another added.
But some heavy hitter developers say get used to the idea. In fact, they are developing Plan B — Long Island’s future without the franchise that has won four Stanley Cup championships during its up-and-down existence.
 It kills me to say this, but it looks like the door on Nassau is closing.  Of course the politicians like Jay Jacob and Ed Mangano say they want to keep the Islanders, but what do you expect them to say.  Nassau has fumbled this issue for so long that they don't know how to come up with a solution.  The private option is dead because Kate Murray and the town of Hempstead had to kill the Lighthouse Project.  How that project failed, which could of done so much economic good for Long Island will always be a sore spot to me.  In addition to the private option being dead, the public private partnership is dead thanks to Jay Jacobs and the Democrats using scare politics to get the referendum defeated.  Long Island politicians seem to be great at killing ideas and terrible at creating them.  With the private option gone and the public/private as well what is left?

The only real option on the table for keeping our beloved Islanders in New York is Brooklyn.  I admit that Brooklyn does have its negative aspects: arena capacity, lack of parking, and who wants to drive in Brooklyn, but its still better than Quebec and Kansas City.  In my mind the Islanders fate in New York is going come down to weather or not Wang can get the deal he wants from Brooklyn.

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