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February 23, 2012

Bueller Bueller

Edward Mangano's search for a private developer willing to build a new arena at the hub is similar to the scene in Ferris Bueller's day off when the teacher is taking attendee.  Its time for Mangano and Nassau to realize that nobody is going come forward and build them an arena under the current conditions.  That they need to get the town (Kate Murray) to expand her zoning, or be willing to pay for part of the arena.  Sadly neither option seem likely and Islanders fans are left hoping that the team moves to the Barclays Center instead of Canada or Seattle.
Mangano’s primary objective for the Hub development remains retaining developer Charles Wang and his New York Islanders NHL hockey team to anchor the new coliseum needed to keep them there.
“We continue to work with the Islanders to achieve that purpose,” Mangano said. “No one has come forward with a privately financed deal.”
Wang has said he would move the New York Islanders hockey team at the end of the team’s lease in 2015 unless a new arena is built. He has estimated that construction of a new arena would take 30 months.
Speculation has centered on Wang moving the Islanders to Canada or to the new Barclays Center, which will house the New Jersey Nets NBA team next season.
“We continue to talk to anyone,” Mangano said.
At a press briefing last month, Mangano said he was on the verge of revealing a new plan to develop the 77-acre Hub site, which he has called the centerpiece of his plan to spur economic development in the county.
He shifted gears to seek a private company or companies to develop the site after a referendum to fuel development of the Hub with public funds was soundly defeated in August.
“The coliseum plan has been the victim of ‘No’,” he said this week, referring to both the referendum and the much earlier rejection of the original Hub development plan by the Town of Hempstead under Mangano’s predecessor Thomas Suozzi.
Mangano’s office has fielded informal proposals for various commercial projects on the Hub property since he issued the invitation to all comers in August, according to Mangano spokesman Brian Nevins.
But responses to the RFP for the expo center would be the first formal proposals of any kind received for the Hub property since voters rejected the notion of using public money to keep the Islanders on ice in Nassau County.  

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