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February 18, 2012

Coyotes Are Staying Put
PHOENIX -- An investor may have stepped up to buy the NHL's Phoenix Coyotes, potentially preventing a possible move to Seattle.
Dave Zorn of Metro Networks Arizona reports, former San Jose Sharks CEO Greg Jamison has been approved by the NHL to purchase the Coyotes.  Former Coyotes star, Jeremy Roenick, is reportedly part of Jamison's group.
The Coyotes are no longer financially supported in Glendale, where they are losing money.  Seattle sports fans saw the team as a potential tenant of the city's newly proposed NBA/NHL arena.
Members of the Phoenix Coyotes Coalition told KING 5 News they will celebrate when they hear it from the NHL, the current owners of the team.
An announcement from the NHL is not expected until Monday at the earliest.
 With the Coyotes off the open market for cities who want a sports team, the Islanders are going become those markets first choice.  Don't be surprise to see a hard push from Seattle and Quebec to land the Islanders.  If this doesn't put more pressure on Nassau nothing will, and sadly I think that is the case.  The Islanders fate in New York will most likely come down to if the NHL and Wang considers the Barcalys Center a suitable NHL arena.

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