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February 29, 2012

What Happen To Suffolk County ?

We heard that Suffolk County was interested in the team after the failed referendum on August 1st. We even heard about a meeting.  The Suffolk County Executive even had a meeting with Wang and the Isles after labor day. 

Since that summer meeting a new county executive has been elected and little news about Suffolk's interest in the Islanders has been heard.  Does the new county executive Steve Bellone have any interest in bringing the Islanders to his county?  If he does he hasn't made it public yet.

Should the silence from him and the Islanders about Suffolk County be seen as a negative? Not necessarily, since Charles Wang had mention several times that he doesn't want to negotiate for an arena through the media.  Wang prefers to have his meeting and options to stay private.  For instance nobody had heard anything about last summer's referendum until the press conference for it.

Would Wang have any interest in moving the team further out on the Island.  Well he did in 2006,  when he and Steve Levy agreed on a memorandum to bring the team to Suffolk County,  if Wang's RFP wasn't picked for the Nassau Hub.  The two side came to agreement in principle to have the Islanders move a little further east on the Island.  The rumored site was Brentwood New York and that piece of land they were talking about in 2006 is still undeveloped.

There are many questions about Suffolk County, but it should not be ruled out as an option.  In my honest opinion it is the teams best option to get their own new arena built for hockey in the area.  If you believe that Suffolk County is a good option for the team I encourage you to contact Steve Bellone and tell him yourself.

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