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February 12, 2012

The One Man Who Can Keep The Islanders In Nassau

The one man who holds the Islanders fate in Nassau in his hands is Ed Mangano.  Mr Mangano needs to create a plan that will allow owner Charles Wang to get a new or renovated arena and make a profit.  At the same time he has to take in to account the town of Hempstead's zoning for the site and the revenue the county can get from the development.  This will not be an easy task for him, but one that he needs to accomplish if he wants his time in office to be successful.  This upcoming Tuesday Mr. Mangano has a meeting with Governor Andrew Cuomo.  This meeting his going go a long way in deciding the Islanders future in Nassau, since the county will most likely need  state money to revamp the Coliseum.  Whatever Mangano has planned he needs to get it motion soon and make sure it all comes together, since this will be Nassau last chance to keep the Islanders.

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