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February 4, 2012

A Great Article on the Brooklyn Option


Tony Stabile wrote a great article on Brooklyn and how it plays into the Islanders arena situation.  I without a doubt recommend you take a look at it.

 In a move that finally has pushed the leverage into the office of Charles Wang, the Islanders have agreed to play the first NHL game in the brand new Barclays Center next October 2nd. This is huge that the announcement comes now as the Islanders are heading into the most important summer in its history. If the Islanders are to stay in Nassau County (which I don’t see being at all possible), the county and team must come to an agreement, get the plans and financing in order and have a shovel in the ground by next June 1st. Anyone who knows anything about Nassau politics knows that nothing happens that fast. Until now, the County has held all the leverage as there had been no opposition, it was either you do things our way, or they won’t get done. Now with genuine interest from a location just 25 miles west of the Coliseum, from a brand new state of the art facility, the power shifts all to Wang. If Nassau refuses to work with him, he can now take his team and simply move them to the Barclays Center for the 2015 season. No construction costs, no political headaches, just a thanks for the memories and see you soon. The County would then be on the hook for a useless facility (funny this all sounds familiar), and with the economy in its current state, that land would become the new Roosevelt Raceway.

This is just a small sample here is the rest


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