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February 1, 2012

10 Reasons Why I Think A Move To Brooklyn Would Work

1) Corporate Revenue: As I mention in a previous post in today's sports world teams make a large portion of their revenue from corporate sponsorship.  A move to Brooklyn would increase this revenue to levels that Nassau could never reach.  Being part of New York City and more importantly Brooklyn would open new avenues of revenue for the team

2) Public Transportation: The Barclays Center is going be one of the most accessible arenas in the country through public transportation.  One of the majors complaints of the Islanders current location is a lack of public transportation.

3) Increased Media attention: A moved to Brooklyn would increase the amount of media coverage on the team and put pressure on ownership to get results.

4) Loyal Fan base: I know many Islander fans may be turned off by the idea of the Islanders playing in Brooklyn , but the of the base will stick by them.  They have been through too much to let a move twenty miles west on the Island turn them off.  Plus the majority of the base knows that time is running out tom get a deal and Brooklyn sounds a lot better than Quebec, Seattle, or Kansas City.

5) Cablevision Contract: Being able to continue to collect one of the best cable deals in sports won't hurt one bit.

6) The potential for development: I am not saying that Wang still wants to get involve in a major development, but a move to Brooklyn still provides him with the opportunity to do so.  He could jump aboard Ratner's Atlantic Yard Development if he has any desire to do so.

7) State of the art arena:  Even with its low capacity and possible horseshoe like layout the Barclays Center will offer revenue streams that the Nassau Coliseum just can't anymore.

8) Partnership with Ratner:  Wang and Ratner are close friend and they both need each other.  Wang needs a state of the art arena to provide stability to the Franchise and to stop bleeding money.  Ratner needs the 41 or more dates the Islanders could offer him to generate revenue in his new arena.

9) Politics: Brooklyn politicians actually want the team and won't play politically football with the team like Nassau has for three decades now. 

10: To quote An Officer and a Gentleman "We got nowhere else to go" at least for the moment.

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