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February 3, 2012

Brooklyn's Interest is Real

According to B.D Gallof and his sources the Barclays Center are going go all out to get the Islanders to be full time tenants.
According to sources, including one within the NHL and another with knowledge of the Barclays Center, the venue is making an “aggressive sales pitch.” In addition, the league source said “the chances of the New York Islanders to Brooklyn are actually pretty good.” The preseason game, sources said, is being viewed as a chance for Wang to get a sense of what life would be like in Brooklyn.
Barclays Center officials have been using the Islanders as an enticement to lure corporate sponsors, another source said.
As for the territorial issue that some media outlets have been citing as an issue for the Islanders, who originally paid the Rangers $4.5 million in 1972 for permission to take root in Nassau County, an NHL source said: “… 99 percent certain the Isles wouldn’t have to pay the Rangers a dime if they moved to Brooklyn or Queens. … There is no fee, but the Rangers wouldn’t be happy about it. But there’s not much they could do.”
 This news does not surprise me at all.  It is clear that the Barclays Center need/wants the additional dates the Islanders can add to their arena.  The questions are going be if both sides can make a deal that will be profitable for everyone, and if Nassau can get there act together.

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