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February 14, 2012

Live Link Hub Meeting

Key Facts

1) New Arena over renovated because it would be cheaper.

2) County Legislators does not want use any Nassau Public Money

3) Picker says public/private partnership needed

4) Nassau still Islanders first choice

5) Kevin Law says town needs to expand zoning to get site built and everyone needs to meet.

6) Arena first and rest development should be consider second stage.

7) Walker says Nassau needs plan by end 2012, because Islanders will most likely make decisions by then.

8) County Legislators keeps saying they don't want to give a dime towards the projects.

The main thing I take from this meeting is that Nassau wants everything for nothing. They want the Federal Government, State, private investors, and the Islanders to pay for it, and at the same time reap all the benefits. If they really want this done they need to give their ounce of blood as well.

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