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March 9, 2012

Really Nassau???;JSESSIONID=9B17EFC233188655E171CEF661208E95?site=newsday&view=top_stories_item&feed:a=newsday_1min&feed:c=topstories&feed:i=1.3587382
Nassau County has received two bids to build an enclosed sports and exposition center at the Mitchel Field Athletic Complex in Uniondale -- the first major development in the Hub region in more than a decade, county officials said.

Both proposals would privately finance an athletic complex that would bring in revenue for the cash-strapped county, said Brian Nevin, spokesman for County Executive Edward Mangano. Details on the cost of the projects, and the revenue they would bring in, were not made public.

County officials will make a decision between the two bids by the end of the month and construction could conclude by the end of 2012, Nevin said.
 One bid from the Long Island Rough Riders soccer team envisions an outdoor 3,000-seat soccer stadium. The Rough Riders, who plays home games at Saint Anthony's High School in South Huntington , would return to Mitchel Field after a six-year absence, according to the plan.

The proposal also features a 10,000-seat indoor exposition center with locker rooms, a merchandise store and a physical therapy center.

"It's the best of both worlds," said Rough Riders president Peter Zaratin, pointing to the mix of outdoor and indoor options. "And it would be great if we can have a facility we can call home."
 If Nassau County does select the plan that involves a 10,000 seat arena at the Mitchel Field sitethen to me they have given up on keeping the Islanders.  There is no way the county can have two arenas that close to each other.  A 10,000 seat arena would makes sense for the county if they don't have a professional sports team.  They would still be able to have concerts, family shows, and many other forms of entertainment.  However, if Nassau does select this plan then you can kiss the Islanders goodbye in Nassau.  How can you have two arenas in the same hub, and a 10,000 seat arena is way too small to house an NHL team.  The door is closing on the Islanders time in Nassau. The question now is does the next door lead to the Islanders moving to Brooklyn, or out of the state. (Just to make it clear the county says this plan is separate from the Isles, but I just think having two arenas that close to each other is nuts)

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