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March 16, 2012

Quebecor is ready For Bringing Hockey Back to Quebec

Quebecor has stated that they have all the tools and resources they need to bring the NHL back to Quebec.
Quebecor, owner of Sun Media, made the statement as it reported a surge in income and profits for 2011.
"Quebecor Media now has all the tools it needs to pursue its goals, which are to manage a world-class multipurpose centre and to bring a National Hockey League team to Quebec City," the company said in a statement.
Quebecor CEO Pierre Karl Peladeau has made it clear that he is very interested in buying an NHL team and moving them to Quebec.  He has already 25 year 33 million dollar deal for naming rights on a new arena that is planed to be completed by 2015.  If that year sounds fimilar to you that is since its the same year the Islanders lease ends with Nassau.  At the moment it seems like its going be a two horse race between Brooklyn and Quebec for the Islanders, but there is a chance that a dark horse may come in and win this race.  If not though then make your choice Brooklyn or Quebec.  I know who I am rooting for in this race.


  1. The dark horse being Brooklyn, right? - since they have a lot less going for them, in tangible ways, then does Quebec.

    If you want to do something for this franchise, I would suggest going to and signing the petition for Wang to sell the team, now.

    At least, it's a visible statement Islanders fans can make in the present.

  2. The one thing that scares me about a sell is if there are no local buyers interested because of the arena issue. We better make sure we have interested local and a local option in place especially since you don't like Brooklyn.

    What Brooklyn has going for it is that its real and not a pipe-dream like other options in NY and Quebec until the shovel hits the ground (which is much more likely in Quebec). Plus the have development around the arena that they can offer Wang to offset the arena issues. Plus with the lighthouse Wang was going make money in the development around the arena.

    1. I, personally, have nothing at all against Brooklyn! lol Nothing at all!... Really! It is NEVER going to happen, there. Don't look for it to happen.

      As I've said before, the place isn't made for NHL hockey from the start.

      Two, Wang would be a tenant and a lower priority tenant than the Nets ownership, whom are really more in a quasi-partnership with Ratner than owner-tenant situation.

      If you think they are going to give Wang the same treatment AND lose the $$$ from the lastest hip-hop scmuck or boy band, then you aren't looking at this thing realistically.

      The Islanders are done. It's sad but true. That is really the way it looks, when you look at the cold, hard, depressing facts.

  3. I never denied that things are bleak and that there is a good chance the Islanders may leave NY. I also never said the Barclays Center would give them revenue for other events at the arena. The one thing that could interest Wang with Brooklyn is the additional development around the arena, which is were he could make most of his profits.