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March 31, 2012

Could Nassau Legal Troubles Lead to a Refurbish Arena?

When I was reading through the message boards tonight someone on Islanders Mania made a great point, that Nassau legal problems with the Coliseum could lead to refurbishing.  That the county maybe able to use this to convince the public and NIFA to put money into the arena.  That spending money to refurbish the Coliseum with help from Wang would be cheaper than tearing down the build and removing the asbestos.

Ed Mangano  might actually be able to springboard this bad news to the public private partnership that failed last summer.  He and Wang can agree to split the cost on a full refurbishing of the arena and to take care of the asbestos.  That putting taxpayers money towards resolving the issue and keeping the Islanders money in the county makes more sense, than using the taxpayers money to demolish the arena and to correctly remove the asbestos safely.  This is probably Nassau's best option to gain public support for this project and to get NIFA to at least consider their proposal.

Looking at the cost to demolish an arena:   "The estimated cost to tear down the civic arena (Mellon arena) is $5 million", I may take this option back.  It seems destroying the Coliseum if the asbestos is a serious issue may make more sense.  However, I doubt anything happen to the Coliseum before 2015.

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