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March 23, 2012

Newsday Update on Asbestos at the Coliseum

An inspector for the state Department of Labor has been analyzing the Nassau Coliseum to determine whether asbestos in the popular concert, recreation and sports venue poses a cancer threat.

"We can confirm that we did send an inspector out to the Nassau Coliseum and we are doing an asbestos investigation," said Leo Rosales , spokesman for the agency, based in Albany. "That's the extent of what we can say at this time."

Nassau County has previously acknowledged that the arena, which opened in 1972, contains asbestos within its walls, but the issue surfaced again this week when an attorney who represents some of the Coliseum workers spoke with NBC News 4.;JSESSIONID=0D3FA9B06B318AA709EA.3216?site=newsday&view=search_results_item&feed:a=newsday_1min&feed:c=breakingnews&feed:i=1.3620466&feed:tag=newsday_1min,newsday_5min,newsday_10min&feed:max=50&feed:search=State%20checking%20Coliseum%20for%20asbestos
Please click the link to see the entire Newsday article.

     I think Wang is going to want to force Nassau's hand with this latest news.  He will tell Nassau its now or never because the current arena is unsafe for the public, and if they balk give Brooklyn a shot to keep them in New York.  If its a disaster he sells, and if Brooklyn works he stays.  (Once again this depends on the arena being condemn and Nassau not being able to resolve the problem, which would break the lease.)

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