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March 21, 2012

Could Shinnecock and Wang Partner Up for Suffolk Development

PLAINVIEW - A public meeting will be held tonight to discuss whether there is room for 900 new homes, a bank and a supermarket in Plainview.
Islanders' owner Charles Wang owns the 143 acre property off Round Swamp and Old Country roads.
Wang's new plan called "Country Pointe at Plainview" would include about 900 multi-family housing units.
Wang's past proposals, including a Shinnecock owned casino, were shot down.

This News 12 report mentions how Wang wanted one of the two Shinnecock Casino on his Plainview site.  This fact shows that their have been past talks between the two parties about a joint adventure.  As the article mention that plan was rejected, but one has to wonder if Wang and the tribe would be willing to work together at a Suffolk County location.  The first of the plan casinos is probably to far east for the Islanders to consider, but that doesn't rule out the second casino the tribe wants.
YAPHANK - The Shinnecock Indian Nation is considering another possible site for its planned casino, this time in Suffolk County, sources close to the plan say.
The 92-acre parcel of land is just south of the Long Island Expressway, off of Sills Road in Yaphank.
Some Suffolk officials say the news is exciting for the county. The site's proximity to the Long Island Rail Road and the expressway would make it an easy-to-reach destination for travelers, officials say.

Wang and the tribe could be able to work out arrangements for a deal at the second location, which has yet to be determine.  According to Newsday Brookhaven and Brentwood are two locations being consider.  It is believed a site by the new railroad depot in Brookhaven is favored by the tribe.  Why would the Shinnecock want Wang and the Islanders?  Well, New York is blaming to open 7 non-tribe casinos, and Aqueduct raceway is going have a full class three casino and the largest convention center in the county.  The Islanders and an arena (with all the family shows and concerts) would give them something to draw people in with all the new competition that is going be around that will be needed.  Why would Wang want to partner with the Shinnecock?  It will give him the additional development around the arena he would need and it would allow him to keep the team on Long Island.        

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