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March 25, 2012

Time is TIcking in Arizona

The National Hockey League  could start looking to relocate the Phoenix Coyotes  if progress isn’t made on a sale to keep the team in Arizona, according to a report out of Canada.
Darren Dreger of Canada’s TSN sports network said the NHL could start seriously looking at Coyotes relocation options next week if there isn’t progress on the Coyotes sale here.
The team could end up moving to Seattle, Kansas City, Las Vegas or Quebec City, according to TSN and Dreger.

Why is this important news concerning the Islanders?  Well if the Coyotes do relocate to Quebec that is one less threat of the Islanders leaving New York.  Plus in my mind that would satisfy the amount of teams that Canada can support with eight.  Seattle doesn't have a deal in place and Kansas City doesn't have a local ownership group in place.  The Coyotes move to Quebec would some what lessen the threat of the Islanders leaving New York all together and give other local municipalities time to put together an offer..

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