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March 2, 2012

The French are Coming!The French are Coming!

Just in-case you forgot the Nordique Nation is coming down from French Canada for the Islanders Boston game tomorrow.  This is another attempt to force the NHL hand to bring a franchise back to Quebec and don't think for one second they don't have there eyes set on the Islanders.  It isn't by chance, or accident that they plan to have their new arena completed by 2015 and that the Islanders leases ends the same year.  This should be another painful reminder to Islander fans that they need a local solution soon before an out of market venue steals their team.

Nordiques Nation, a hockey-loving bunch of Quebec crazies, say they'll be here in the Hub for the March 3 game against the Islanders. Their mission is to convince the NHL to bring a franchise back to the land of Le Colisee. Upward of 2,000 of them typically come to games, often sporting Nordiques bleu ....

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