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April 1, 2012

Newsday's 5 Questions for the Isles Future

Newsday ran a piece called five questions about the Islanders future.  Below is their response about the Islanders' arena situation. 
5 And, finally, what's happening with the Islanders' arena situation?

There isn't anything new in Nassau County, but once the team reconvenes for training camp in September, lots will be happening elsewhere: The team will be preparing for a preseason game in Brooklyn's Barclays Center on Oct. 2, and shovels will be in the ground in Quebec City for a new arena. The Islanders' Coliseum lease is up in 2015.;JSESSIONID=EA7AE498F19710F426D7.3221?site=newsday&view=islanders_item&feed:a=newsday_5min&feed:c=islanders&feed:i=1.3635862
Still seems like it is Brooklyn vs. Quebec unless Nassau wakes up and makes one last bid to keep the Isles.

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