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April 3, 2012

Barclays Center Confirms Hockey Layout

After talking to Barry Baum the head of public relations for the Barclays Center and Nets, he said that this will be the layout of arena.
The capacity of 14,500 doesn't change with this news and the potential benefits the Islanders could have with a smaller arena due to supply and demand doesn't change either.  However, this news does concern me because I have a hard time believing that the NHL will allow a team play in this layout long term.  This isn't the AHL, or a minor league where it is acceptable for a team to play in a horseshoe configuration,  and lose one end of the arena.  This is the NHL and even if Brooklyn makes sense financially, I cannot see them willingly allowing one of their teams to play in this layout without a promise for modification.  If Brooklyn really wants the Islanders they will have to be creative and find away to fit the rink where the layout isn't a horseshoe.

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