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April 6, 2012

A New Rumor About Queens

Below is the new rumor going around the Islanders message boards.  If you ask me it seems like a long shot that its true, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't love it if it happened.  It just seems hard to believe with the Wilpons' money troubles and the fact that the Willets Point Development is still in battle with local groups.  So take this for what it is worth.
Anybody else getting this from their season ticket rep? According to my rep, negotiations have been ongoing for last 6 months or so and that we'll know "with finality" this summer where the Islanders will be playing for next 30 years. While rep did say he couldn't rule out the team being sold he was hearing rumors of Queens around the office. He didn't sound enthused that Brooklyn was the answer. For the love of Kvasha please let this be true.

On the other hand, how else will they get long suffering season-tix holders to re-up so maybe it's baloney

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