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April 22, 2012

What Does Bettman Statements Mean?

The Question Islander fans are asking themselves is what does Bettman statement on the Islander arena issue really mean..  What Bettman did with his recent statement about Nassau and Brooklyn is but both on notice. 

He was letting Nassau know that he is tired of the games and doesn't believe they have the know how to get the arena done.  Also that if Ed Mangano does comeup with a new plan it better work because this is their last chance to keep their team.

When talking about about the Barclacys Center he always brings up that it may not be the best option for fans because of travel and concerns about the arena for hockey.  What he is doing here is making sure that the Barclays Center isn't getting too comfortable knowing they are the only option in town at the moment.  Bettman wants to make sure that the league and Islanders can get the best deal in Brooklyn possible if they go that direction.  Plus he wants to make sure that Ratner and the Barclays Center know that changes to the arena are going need to be made to make it better for hockey if they want this to work long term.

What about him bringing up Kansas City?  That is what we call folks a threat and a reminder that everyone in New York who is interested in keeping the Islanders better work until its a done deal.  That if people contiune to pass the buck this team can end up leaving the market.

To conclude, Bettman was just making a public statement that he had enough and he isn't going take it anymore.  That he wants to see plans and for them to work this time.

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