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January 8, 2012

Rumors Are Flying

The past several days rumors have been flying about Wang being in negotiation with local buyers for the Islanders.  At this point the stories are not developed enough for me to buy into, but time will tell if either rumor turns out to be true.

1) An investment group is trying to buy the Islanders and move the team to Queens to play at Aqueduct Racetrack development.

2) A man name Stan believed to be (Stan Winters) a hedge fun guy is in long term negotiations with Wang to buy the team and another of his businesses. In this rumor the team would stay in Nassau in a renovated Coliseum.  (Thanks Matty)

Time will tell if these stories hold any water and if any news outlets jump on them.

BD Gallof"s opinion of the rumor:
Charles Wang, much less any owner with half a brain, would never sell low now when in 2015 (lease end) when Quebec/Seattle/etc in play.!/BDGallof/status/156127220581154817
His website:

 Sadly, I tend to agree with him about these rumors.

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