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January 24, 2012

Butch and Brian

Butch Goring and Brain Rolston stated in a recent interview that they don't believe the Islanders are going anywhere.

Butch Goring was a centre with the Islanders when the team became a dynasty, acquired in a trade just before the first successful title run. He was there when being an Islanders fan “was the chic thing to be,” and he does not believe in the threat of relocation, be it to Quebec City, Kansas City or any kind of city.
“I don’t even think in those terms, honestly — I just don’t believe that will ever happen,” said Goring, now a colour analyst for the team’s television broadcasts. “There’s too much history. There’s such a great rivalry between the Islanders and the Rangers, and Long Island is a great hockey area.”
According to the statistics maintained by ESPN, though, the Islanders are 29th of 30 NHL teams in attendance, better only than the Phoenix Coyotes. Through 25 games, New York has averaged only 12,741 fans.
“I firmly believe that the Islanders aren’t going anywhere,” Islanders forward Brian Rolston said. “It’s an area that has money. I think our fan support is pretty good. Obviously, we don’t sell out every night, but our fan base is not terrible. With a winning team, I think the Islanders have been, and will continue to be, a successful franchise.”

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