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January 5, 2012

Is Quebec On The Other Line

The Sports Business News, believes that Charles Wang next move is to sell the Islanders to Quebec.  The end of the Islanders organization is a sad and scary possibility.  With the county and New York facing tough economic times the Islanders options are limited.  The one thing that could eliminate this possibility, as this article mentions, is the Coyotes beating the Islanders to Quebec, which is a race that I will gladly lose.  Even if the Islanders avoid Quebec because of the Coyotes move, it still doesn't resolve the arena issue.  The organization needs stability now, and have the rumors of their relocation or folding ended, if they want to get the organization back on track.  The teams' young stars like Michale Grabner, Kyle Okposo, and John Tavares committed to the New York Islanders, not to the uncertainty that plagues this franchise.  If Wang can't get an arena deal done by the end of this new year its time for him to move the team to Brooklyn, and put this issue to bed, or at least sell the team to Ratner (or someone else who would put the team there).  Time is running out, and the outside markets knows it as well.        
The long list of failing non-traditional NHL markets with failed or failing franchises doesn’t include the New York Islanders, who have a murky future on Long Island. The Greater New York area is home to three NHL teams, one franchise too many. Islanders’ owner Charles Wang failed in August in gaining the needed public support (taxpayer dollars) for a much needed new arena. If the NHL doesn’t sell the Coyotes to Quebecor, Wang will try and sell the Islanders to Quebec City interests.

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