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January 21, 2012

New Arena Rumor

The quote below is a post from HFBOARDS.  I advise you to take it only at face value.
Breaking news:

According to someone who I can confirm is 150% in the know, Wang is selling to Russian billionaire who will move the Islanders to Brooklyn.

Should be announced by the end of the weekend.

Hate me or love me, you'll love me now.

BTW: You can close the thread, but it is happening. Source told me that he leads a group of investors who will also invest in Islanders. It is HAPPENING

This is the third rumor about the Islanders arena situation in two weeks.  At this point of time I believe none of them until a major news source reports one of them.  With this latest rumor I find it hard to believe, because  Prokhorov the Russian billionaire who owns the Nets is is the middle of a presidential election.  Plus I have no clue who this IslesBeBAck guy is and how much he can be trusted.


  1. You might as well delete this post. All three rumors proven pretty much totally false and ridiculous. Wang's not selling until the lease is expired - period. It's common sense.

  2. Never thought any of them were true. I was just presenting them