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January 4, 2012

My View On The Islanders' Arena Situation This Year

During last summer's campaign for the referendum Charles Wang stated the ground breaking for a new arena had to be by June of 2012.  In my opinion the chances of making that date our pretty bleak.  There is no project that is close to ground breaking: Heartland project, Belmont Entertainment Center, or any others that you can think of.  The chances of the county or the state paying (or even helping) for a new arena in this economic climate are slim.  Unless one of the local municipalities come up with an innovated plan that no one have thought of before the chances of the Islanders getting their own arena this year are looking bleak.  The longer the silence goes on from Wang and the local municipalities the more it looks like Brooklyn could be the Islanders only chance for staying in New York. Quebec, Seattle, and Kansas City are all knocking at the Islanders door let's hope this is the year that the Islanders get the commitment they need in New York.


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