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January 18, 2012

Corporate Sponsorship

In today's sports business world corporate sponsorship plays a key role in determining the success of a franchise.  Just look at how the Knicks were able to weather a decade of losing and stay profitable.

Corporate sponsorship has become an increasingly popular and effective form of marketing
communication technique as shown by the global expenditure on corporate sport sponsorship was reported
as being $US. 17.2 billion in 2001 (IEG, 2001). Sport possesses attributes that attractive to corporate
sponsors and sport sponsorship plays a main role in the revenue of the sport clubs...

This important source of revenue brings in a new question to the Islanders arena issue.  Would a new arena in Nassau or Suffolk be able to bring in the corporate support needed to create the financial stability needed by the team?  One would have to think that the Queens or Brooklyn location would have more corporate support to offer the team, but that is not to say that it can't be done on Long Island Proper. Wherever the arena is on Long Island (Suffolk, Nassau, Queens, or Brooklyn) the Islanders are going need more than high attendance figures and the new amenities that come with a new arena to be financially stable.     

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